I am excited to announce my run for College Park City Council, to continue to represent District 2 (Lakeland, Berwyn, & Branchville) in 2016 & 2017.

The past two years as your Councilmember have been rewarding, challenging and educational. The Council has tackled many issues on our path to move College Park forward and I am excited and committed to continue that work with you.

In a second term on the Council, I plan to focus my efforts on:

  • IMPROVED COMMUNICATION - During my time on council, I brought you College Park Connected to keep residents connected by email to important city matters and our neighborhoods have expanded our community social media platform, NextDoor. Ensuring that citizens have the right information about the issues, development projects, and activities of the Council is critical to increasing productive citizen participation. As Councilman in 2016-2017, I will strive to keep our communities informed, I will always be available to answer your questions and address your concerns, and I will advocate for new resources and channels that will keep us all engaged and informed.
  • A NEW CITY HALL - This past year, the city council selected the current site as the location for a new city hall that will be jointly developed with the University of Maryland. This location anchors our city's Downtown, preserves and enhances our city's prominence and accessibility on Baltimore Avenue (Route 1), and our co-location with UMD symbolizes our strong partnership. More importantly, our current city hall is deteriorating, inefficient and our staff has no room to grow. A new city hall will create more efficiencies by consolidating interrelated departments into one building and give our city the room we need to expand our staff resources so that we can better serve our growing city.
  • QUALITY DEVELOPMENT - In my first term, I fought for sustainable "green" development, preservation of the world's longest operating airport, and for the site plans, studies, and research we need to make informed decisions about proposed developments and infrastructure projects. As a council, we should promote our Sector Plan and challenge developers to bring their best projects to our area while preserving the integrity of our residential neighborhoods and our city's history.
    • HOMEOWNERSHIP INCENTIVES - I had the pleasure of working with community leaders (CPCUP), local realtors, and UMD staff to promote homeownership in College Park. Our major initiative was to attract UMD faculty and staff to move to our city, to achieve Smart Growth goals. We hosted a Happy Hour, a University Forum, and a Real Estate Workshop to introduce homebuyers to our city. During this time, we used the existing Homeownership Grant and the newly created Home Ownership Program to encourage UMD faculty and staff to buy. We will continue similar programs under my leadership.
    • AGING IN PLACE - I am currently a part of the task force looking to identify the city services our senior residents to stay in their homes. In the next two years, I hope to implement the recommendations of our task force.
    • CODE ENFORCEMENT - Although a simple conversation with your neighbor is the best first step to remedying an issue, code enforcement must be utilized to address issues beyond our control. I have aided numerous neighbors in addressing issues and I plan to continue holding neighbors to a standard that will allow all of us the quiet enjoyment of our historic neighborhoods. Report your issues online and anonymously, using Comcate.

I am excited to talk with all of you throughout this election season about the work I’ve done, the work I plan to do, and your ideas, concerns, and wishes for College Park. I cannot do this without you. Your participation - as informed citizens, voters, volunteers, good neighbors – is critical to College Park’s success.

Please contact me and check this website for updates. Otherwise, I hope to see you around town!

PS - I am endorsing Patrick Wojahn for Mayor. Please visit his webpage to learn more.

This site is a paid political advertisement, authorized by PJ Brennan, Candidate.