January 16 - Community Service Day

Post date: Jan 15, 2016 2:58:27 PM

Hello neighbors in Berwyn in Lakeland,

We will be cleaning up our communities on Saturday, January 16th with a Community Service Day (Really only 2 hours). Neighbors should meet at Jack Perry Plaza at 8:30AM to grab a donut and some coffee. From there, we'll be divided into our working groups and get going. The city will be providing work gloves and trash bags... We will stop all activity at 10:30AM. If you are running late, Elizabeth Kuligowski will be manning the donut table at Jack Perry Plaza and can direct you to the projects.

Weather - Our resident weatherman, Bob Kuligowski, has been sending regular updates. There will be rain in the very early morning, which should dissipate before we meet, leaving the ground soft in some area. The temps should be in the low 40s at this time. Severe weather will warrant a cancellation and will be posted to NextDoor by 8:00AM if necessary.

Clothing - Dress appropriately for the cold. If you plan to help with the litter in in Lakeland along the Trolley Trail, please bring boots and clothing you don't mind getting muddy.




2-3 people needed to clean up the Christmas lighting and wiring. All items will be packed neatly into a plastic bin (provided) and the full area will be scanned

for trash and other debris. After this project is completed, the crew will walk along the trolley trail to Greenbelt Road picking up litter and then back track to join the group in Lakeland (large circle at the bottom of the map) to finish out the 2 hours of service.

BLUE STREET CREW (Led by Nick Brennan)

2-3 people needed to walk the streets of Berwyn, picking up litter from the street, gutters, and yards. Beginning at Jack Perry Plaza, the crew will walk down Rhode Island, left on Quebec, right on Patuxent, Right on 49th, right on Berwyn, left on 49th, left on Ruatan, right on 49th, right on Tecumseh, right on 50th Place, right on Ruatan, left onto Trolley Trail, left onto Roanaoke down to Bridge, U-turn up Berwyn back to Jack Perry Plaza. If time is remaining, the crew will walk down the trolley trail to James Adams Park to pick up the trash in the shrubs.

PINK STREET CREW (Led by Marina Dullnig)

2-3 people needed to walk the streets of Berwyn, picking up litter from the street, gutters, and yards. Beginning at Jack Perry Plaza, walkwest on Berwyn Rd, right on 49th Ave., right on Ruatan, left on Rhode Island, left on Greenbelt Rd., left on 49th Avenue, right on Ruatan, left on 49th, follow to Osage and continue left down Osage, left down Patuxent, and right down Trolley Trail, ending in theGully area for clean up along the hill slopes. Volunteers should be sturdy on their feet if navigating the sloped terrain.


All remaining volunteers will walk down the Trolley Trail to the corner of Rhode Island and Pierce Avenue. Volunteers with mud-appropriate clothing will walk to the west side of the drainage area, picking up trash is a precarious area. There will be mud and sticker bushes, so be prepared. Volunteers looking for less precarious terrain can walk down the trail to Paint Branch Parkway, picking up litter along the way. Volunteers can also take the trail the wraps along the back side of the Community Center and Elementary School picking up litter, and also enter the yard of the Community Center and Elementary School to continue picking up litter.


We will wrap up at 10:30AM...

And, for all of you looking for something to do in the afternoon, consider celebrating Martin Luther King Day at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center with the City.

Martin Luther King, Jr.Tribute at Clarice E. Smith Performing Arts Center, Kay Theater

January 16, 2016

2:00 PM