Jul 27 - Rte 1: Strategies to increase pedestrian safety

Post date: Jul 27, 2014 9:22:35 PM

  • Increasing brightness of lighting (SHA and City) – SHA has initiated designs for its lights at intersections (design by mid-July, implementation will follow). SHA also evaluating lighting (photometric analysis) for the corridor. City and UMD have requested improvements in lighting from PEPCO.
  • Establishing lower speed zone (Berwyn to Guilford) (SHA) – Done.
  • Increasing Pedestrian Safety Education (UMD and all) – In development by UMD and SHA – “Be Smart, Be Safe” is the title of the campaign.
  • Prioritize pedestrian crossings (longer times and shorter intervals, explore ability for light to change immediately when button is pressed) (SHA) – Evaluated. SHA has divided corridor into two different segments to address synchronization and crossings. Pedestrian crossing signal now automatic 24-7 and a longer ped cycle is provided at key intersections at certain times in focus area.
  • Increase enforcement of speed on corridor (City/UMD) – Speed camera has been implemented for 24/7 monitoring. University and County Police have had a strong presence.
  • Increase signage/branding to indicate to drivers to slow down in lower speed zone (all) – SHA has increased signage; flashing yellow pedestrian signs being evaluated.
  • Upgrade all crossings with pedestrian countdown lights (SHA) – Existing intersections will have upgrades; in design; implementation before school begins. Several intersections are being evaluated for complete upgrades to comply with new regulations.
  • Ensure that pedestrian signal comes on with red light even if button not pushed (SHA) – Done
  • Address safety of crossing at Hartwick-Add traffic light (SHA) – Data collected, recommendation for next meeting.
  • Deterrence of mid-block crossings (All) – SHA/UMD/City are working on a design for a median barrier as well as other improvements to be presented at the next mtg; new "no pedestrian x-ing" curb markings are in place. Focus is Knox to Hartwick.
  • Shift lights in pedestrian zone to flashing red from 11pm to 4am (SHA) – Evaluated and not possible.
  • Evaluate crosswalks to see if additional markings could be added to increase reflectivity (SHA) – Restriping completed. Keeping on list to evaluate once lighting improves.
  • Evaluate all way zone at Knox and Rt 1, so pedestrians could all cross at the same time (SHA) – Evaluating for 10pm-2am and will report at next meeting; cannot do for whole day.
  • Discuss with business owners using roping to keep guest closer to the building and decrease walking in street - (UMD) – Chief Mitchell is continuing to work with business owners.