Jun 25 - 4700 Berwyn House Road Development

Post date: Jun 26, 2014 2:36:42 AM

Detailed Site Plan (DSP) Process Summary

Real Estate Developer Keane Enterprises has submitted a DSP to the City of College Park and County Planning Board to redevelop the office condominium, previously the College Park Racket Club, located at 4700 Berwyn House Road. The plan proposes a 7-story, approx. 275 unit, multi-family apartment complex, with a small commercial space for a coffee/tea shop immediately behind the approved "Koons" development (pictured above) that is anticipated to break ground Summer/Fall 2014.

The Planning Board Hearing has been pushed to Thursday, July 17th, which means the College Park City Council will take a position on this project on Tuesday, July 15th and the subject will be open for public comment. Residents who wish to provide comment in person should come to City Hall on the 15th or the County Planning Board Chambers on 17th.

Written comment to the City can be provided by email (jsmiller@collegeparkmd.gov), fax (301-699-8029) or regular mail to City Hall (Attn. Clerk's Office), 4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740.

Written comment to the County can be sent by noon on Wednesday, the day before the public hearing by email (pgcpb@mncppc.org), fax (301-952-5074) or regular mail (Office of the Planning Board, 4th floor, County Administration Building, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772).

DSP for landscape attached below. The remaining package can be downloaded here.

  • Information notice mailed by applicant to adjoining property owners, municipalities and persons or civic associations registered with M-NCPPC (you may do this electronically by going to www.pgplanning.org/Resources/Person_of_Record.htm) 30 days prior to filing application with M-NCPPC. This alerts you that an application may be submitted and provides a brief summary of the project and contact information. Once planning receives a notice, they include the project in the Monthly Report and update the report with the progress and status of the project.
  • City staff usually meets with the applicant before an application is filed to provide early input into the process. Staff advises applicant to contact the appropriate civic associations and individual council members.
  • An applicant is not required by law to personally contact the community (other than sending the notice) but it never goes well for them if they don't.
  • M-NCPPC sends a referral package to the city once an application is accepted by them for formal review. City staff attends meetings with county staff and coordinates issues and concerns with them.
  • A County Planning Board Hearing date is advertised through the posting of a sign on site and via on-line agendas. City staff schedules the application for review by the Mayor and Council at a worksession and regular meeting agenda prior to the Planning Board hearing.
  • City staff presents a report and recommendation to the City Council and the council takes a formal position at a regular meeting after taking comments from the audience.
  • Staff provides the city's position in writing and testifies to the city's position at the Planning Board hearing and any subsequent hearings. Any community member can also testify before the Planning Board.
  • Planning Board approves, approves with conditions or denies the project.