Sept 19 - PJ Brennan Meets with Berwyn District Community Association (BDCA)

Post date: Sep 20, 2013 8:56:10 PM

  • PJ introduced himself to the Berwyn District Community Association

Topics focused on:

  • Recent string of break-ins on Quebec
    • Neighbors are encouraged to close and lock lower windows and doors at night
    • Secure your house when you're not home
    • City cameras cost $6,500 per camera annually to maintain and operate
    • Whether possible or actual criminal threat, call 911
    • If there is no threat, call non-emergency police 301-352-1200
  • Solicitors
    • Ask for solicitor permit - legitimate solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the city
    • For suspicious or aggressive solicitors, call 911
    • To deter solicitors, post "No Soliciting" at your front door - county police require this sign to enforce the rule.
  • Students are community members
    • Introduce yourself to student neighbors, welcome them to the community, and inform them of city meetings and resources
    • City will be distributing an information package to all neighbors in the coming weeks

Note from BDCA President, Kevin Young

"At Thursday’s BDCA meeting, Prince George’s County Police, District One command staff addressed the recent wave of break-ins in our neighborhood. It was reported that over 90% of home burglaries occur during the daytime hours while victims are at work or attending classes. This makes our situation all the more troubling because the recent Berwyn break-ins have occurred at night, in at least one case, while the home was occupied. According to police officials it is common for criminals to scout the area in advance to look for easy targets. We also learned that most of the recent burglaries in Berwyn have been the result of unlocked doors or open/unlocked windows. Please take the time to report any suspicious activity you notice no matter what time of day you observe it. Remember, if it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. Police officials would rather you call 911 and allow them to determine what level of response is necessary. Additionally, the Prince Georges County Police is offering a free security evaluation of your home. Please take advantage of this! E-mail our C.O.P.S. Officer JJ Black to schedule an evaluation"